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Buying or Selling a Home in the Schaumburg Area

We have been specialists in Schaumburg real estate since 2006. Whether you are selling or buying a home, we bring a strong local knowledge to your advantage. A home is part of a neighborhood, a community and a school district. Those are key attributes when you sell a home, and important considerations when you are buying a home.

Why does local knowledge matter?

If you are selling a home, our marketing plan combines the unique attributes of your home with the best that the area has to offer.  This combination will attract buyers who are truly excited about moving into your neighborhood.

If you are buying a home, let us help you find the perfect match.  We will focus your time on the best properties that match your needs and your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about what makes this area very special.

About The Area

The City of Chicago is located in Cook County Illinois.  The five ‘collar’ counties surrounding Cook County are DuPage, McHenry, Will, Kane and Lake. After Cook County, they are the next five most populous counties in the state.  The five counties around Chicago contain 276 unique towns presenting the most diverse opportunities to match your lifestyle. Like other large metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, it is impossible to distinguish where one county or town begins and another end.  The area feels like one continuous expanse. Our specialty is helping you find your match.


Families with school aged children will focus on areas within a preferred school district, or even a specific school.  School boundaries are not intuitive, may span several towns, but may not fall within the entire town. Some agents unfamiliar with an area may not know the schools a home maps into and the property data may be incorrect or incomplete.  In Illinois, local property taxes are the primary funding source for schools in that district.  Homes within a strong school district may have a higher tax rate to pay for the schools, and may also maintain a higher property value because those homes are highly regarded.


Each town has its own identity and personality.  Some towns have a rich heritage and strong historical story. Some homes found in these towns may be over 100 years old offering many architectural styles.  Some towns have a historic downtown center with boutiques, shops, and café’s. Others offer modern amenities like commuter trains to the city, expansive shopping districts, easy access to interstate highways, popular entertainment venues, and are the headquarters of internationally known companies.  The median price of a home will vary by town, and can range from $250,000 to $1,100,000 between towns within 30 miles of each other.

Urban versus Rural

The standard lot size in the City of Chicago is 25 feet wide by 125 feet deep.  Standing between two homes, you could stretch your arms and touch both homes.  As you move out toward the suburbs, the lot size grows to about one-quarter acre offering a little more privacy between your neighbor.  Multi-acre luxury homes are more common in the suburbs. As you drift further from the city, large estates, along with small and large acreage farms are available within commuting distance from the city.


As you might expect in any large metropolitan area, commuting time is a big deal. The average commute in the Chicago area is about 32 minutes.  Almost 82% of all commuters travel by car, 9% commute via public transportation, 4% work from home, and 3% walk.  Buses and city trains are popular close to the city, 11 regional ‘Metra’ commuter train lines extend out into the suburbs in every direction. The regional highway and interstate systems through the area are exceptional. There are many great housing options no matter where you work and where you live.


Richard Gerber – RE/MAX Suburban – Specializing in Schaumburg Real Estate

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