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Garage Sale Hosting Tips


How to Get the Most from Your Garage Sale
Seasoned garage sale visitors typically know what they are looking for and move very quickly. These tips will help you have a productive and worthwhile garage sale.

Organize your items for sale into easy to recognize categories such as music, electronics, sporting goods and clothing. This way, visitors will easily see everything that you have to offer in a specific category – all in one place.

Put a Price Tag on Everything
Place an easy to read price tag on everything you have for sale. This makes it easy for visitors to decide if they want to purchase the item. It also makes it easier for you since you will not be constantly asked about a price.

Spread Things Out
Spread your items for sale across as wide an area that you have room for. This makes everything you have for sale easily seen at a glance. And during periods when you have lots of visitors at the same time, there will be enough room for everyone to see all of your items without having to wait in a line.

Start Saving Your Grocery Bags
Visitors shopping at many garage sales will really appreciate your offering a bag to carry all of their small items.

Be Ready Early
The bargain hunters and die-hard shoppers will be out early. Very early. Be ready!

Be Prepared to Negotiate
More garage sale shoppers are trying their skills in the art of negotiation. Don’t be offended, it is your choice! Have fun with it!

Take Time to Visit
Take a few minutes out of the day to introduce yourself to a neighbor that you haven’t met. It’s a great way to break the ice, make a new friend, and you may even find a bargain.

What Doesn’t Sell
For the items that don’t sell, consider donating them to charity. Be sure to get a receipt, the donation may be tax deductible. Or you could save them for next year!


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