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Timbercrest-Woods Garage Sale

Your OFFICIAL Site for the Timbercrest-Woods Garage Sale
Friday (May 31) – Saturday (June 1) – Sunday (June 2) – 2024


Celebrating the 55 Years in 2024!
For 55 years, the Timbercrest-Woods subdivisions in Schaumburg Illinois have held their Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale – always on the First weekend in June.

What makes the Timbercrest-Woods Garage Sale so special?
1. History – The subdivision has held this garage sale on the same weekend for the last 46 consecutive years. This attracts people annually from both around the area and from around the country.

2. Diversity – Not everyone has a garage sale every year. There is always something new, unusual and exciting. Look for antiques, figurines, glass, cameras, and jewelry. Big-ticket items like cars, vans, boats, RVs and motorcycles are common. And you can outfit a college student or your first home with the variety of household items at every stop.

3. Density – On average, 2 in 10 homes in this 600 home subdivision will have a garage sale on the same day. And if you are a serious bargain hunter, you can visit them all. There are very few opportunities to see between 100 and 160 garage sales in one day making the Timbercrest-Woods Garage Sale one of the largest and most popular neighborhood Garage Sales in the United States!

How to Find the Timbercrest-Woods Garage Sale

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GUESTS – Exclusive Garage Sale Shopper’s Guide
Download the Timbercrest-Woods Shopper’s Guide for a list of participating homes, their special items for sale, and a street map. Available NOW!

GUESTS – Tips for Shopping the Timbercrest-Woods Garage Sale
Making the most of your garage sale day can be fun and rewarding. Check out the insider secrets on how to make the most of your visit to the Timbercrest-Woods Garage Sale!

RESIDENTS – Garage Sale Permits No Longer Required in Schaumburg
The Village of Schaumburg’s Garage Sale Regulations can be found at:

RESIDENTS – Submit Your Items
Promote your garage sale and highlight those special items you have for sale. Your garage sale will be published in the popular Timbercrest-Woods Garage Sale Shopper’s Guide. A Timbercrest-Woods resident exclusive! Deadline to submit an ad will be MONDAY MAY 31, 2021.


RESIDENTS – Tips for Holding a Successful Garage Sale
Having a successful Garage Sale can be a lot of work. Get tips on how to get the most from your Garage Sale!

RESIDENTS – Post Garage Sale Donations
Have some items that didn’t sell at your garage sale? Check out this list of local charities.


Richard Gerber – RE/MAX Suburban – 2311 W Schaumburg Rd, Schaumburg IL 60194

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